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  • Yard-Skincare-Cali-Drift-Scrub

    Cali Drift Body Polish



    Organic coconut infused coffee scrub with moroccan lava clay

    Deliciously scented and divinely nourishing, this tropical little number will help to fight back against dry, dull skin, boost collagen, detox (to rid impurities) and enhance your skins elasticity.

    Suitable for all skin types, particularly dry & sensitive skin.

  • Yard-Skincare-Limpopo-Zest-Scrub

    Limpopo Zest Body Polish


    with organic orange peel infused with coffee and french pink clay.

    A treasure trove of citrus pleasure. Exploding with phenomenal freshness, this nourishing scrub will help to purify the skin and polish away hyper-pigmentation, soothing irritations, leaving it illuminated and smooth to the touch.

    Suitable for all skin types, particularly oily & combination skin.

  • Yard-Skincare-Mayan-Muse-Scrub

    Mayan Muse Body Polish



    Organic raw cacao infused coffee scrub with sea clay

    Breath in the awakening menthol and indulge your skin with this nutrient-packed bag of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A luxurious and deliciously aromatic treat to deeply clean, heal and improve skin texture. Your skin will feel alive with an instant cooling affect.

    Suitable for all skin types, particularly oily & combination skin.

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